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For more than a decade, Gooners in Philadelphia have gathered to support the greatest football team in the world, Arsenal FC. Originally founded as a subsidiary branch of Arsenal America, Arsenal Philadelphia is now an officially recognized supporters’ club in its own right.

Arsenal Philadelphia has about 1200 members spread across the Philadelphia region and, of course, online. We gather to view every match, and we have held FIFA video game tournaments; created a co-ed football team; shot group-related videos; and travelled to Arsenal-related events in New York, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and throughout Europe.

We are a diverse bunch happy to accept any nearby Arsenal fans, though we have friends and former members all over the world. The current leaders of the group are Mike Hiddi, George Sedgwick, and Ali Nahvi, with Nick Gartoff, Stuart Nelson, Wayne Pietersen and Bartosz Ciurski assisting. Web masters and general resident techies Phil Buckley and Cory Bergquist. COYG!

Match Viewing

We currently meet for all matches at Misconduct Tavern (1511 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102). Find the pub at Misconduct has numerous large TVs, serves food for all the matches, and offers specials to Arsenal Philadelphia members. Many games draw large crowds, so it is best to arrive an hour or so before the match. Misconduct has a large room dedicated for Arsenal support only, but a separate portion of the bar allows you to watch with fans of other clubs. The bar is family-friendly for matches, though Arsenal Philadelphia does promote special family days that are especially organized for you to bring the little ones.


Joining Arsenal Philadelphia is as simple as exploring this website, jumping into our Facebook group, or following us on Twitter. Even better, come watch with us at Misconduct Tavern! However, a full paid membership—necessary to request tickets to Arsenal matches and to participate in certain special events—will cost you $20 a year. Recent paid members had the benefit of: Tickets to Arsenal fan events, free food at Misconduct on member day, access to ticket requests, discounts on the new Puma Arsenal kits, and of course our gratitude, as your small payment keeps our club growing! More exciting membership benefits to come!
More exciting membership benefits to come!

Membership details for the 2020-21 season coming soon!

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