Saturday October 15

Sunday October 16
Arrival time
Requirements for entry
“Fan Zone”
Children 0-17 years old

Please try to pickup merch on Saturday so we have less to distribute in line.
Once the gates open we will likely have to stop distributing merch as NBC may not allow our large merch containers into the event.

Saturday afternoon pickup: Saturday afternoon pickup will be available from 3pm to 5pm at the Element Hotel located at 1441 Chestnut Street, adjacent to Dilworth Park. Please email info@arsenalphiladelphia.com to arrange Saturday afternoon pickup.

Saturday evening pickup: Saturday evening pickup will be available during the Gooner Get-together from 5:30 to 8:30pm at Misconduct Tavern at 1511 Locust St. There is no need to email if you plan to pickup at Misconduct.

Sunday morning pickup: Sunday morning pickup will be available starting at 5am at the Fan Fest entrance. We will do our best to distribute as much merch as we can while waiting for the gates to open. There’s no way to know exactly how long that will be. If anyone still hasn’t gotten their merch, it can be picked up after the match.

Sunday after-match pickup: if you were not able to pick up at any of the other opportunities, once the match has concluded you can pick up your merch at Misconduct Tavern at 1511 Locust St.

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We will be having a casual gathering at Misconduct Tavern 1511 Locust St. starting at 5:30pm Saturday. Kits and other Gooner gear are optional. We will officially wrap up the get-together at 8:30pm. You are welcome to stay longer or check out some of the local nightlife, but we STRONGLY suggest getting to bed early so you can arrive early to Fan Fest in the morning.

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Arsenal Philadelphia staff and volunteers will begin arriving at 5am and you are welcome and encouraged to join us! Our match viewing area will fill very quickly and if you want to be up front you will have to arrive EARLY.

Gates open at 6am. You are guaranteed entry if you arrive by 7am. Whether that means you have to be in line by 7am or through the gate by 7am has not been made clear to us by NBC. Our suggestion is don’t push the envelope. The advantage of club membership and our special QR codes is to be first in so we can get to our viewing area. Arriving at the last minute defeats the purpose. Get there early.

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You just have completed the following steps to enter:
1) registered using the RSVP link and Club Code in your confirmation email from Arsenal Philadelphia, email from Arsenal America or another supporters’ club branch of which you are a member.  Each of your adult guests must also have completed this RSVP process.
2) received a QR code in PDF format from Premier League Mornings
3) downloaded the PL Mornings Live app and located your QR code within the app. Each of your adult guests must also download the app and locate their QR. THE QR CODE IN THE APP  IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET IN. PRINTED OR SCREENSHOTTED QR CODES FROM YOUR EMAIL WILL NOT WORK.

If you have had any issues in the RSVP process, unfortunately it’s too late to correct them now. If you think you completed the steps correctly but still aren’t able to get a QR Code using the PL Mornings Live app please email info@arsenalphiladelphia.com right away.

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Dilworth Park is a Philadelphia City Park. Smoking or vaping ANYWHERE within the event premises is strictly prohibited

Fans may carry any bags that do not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12” into Premier League Mornings Live Fan Fest. Any bag that does not meet this requirement will be searched thoroughly by security and could delay your entry into the event, or prevent you from entering with that bag at all.  Exceptions to this policy will be made for all medically necessary items after proper inspection. Please note: there is no bag check and you will be responsible for carrying around everything that you bring with you.

No outside food or beverage will be allowed into the event. Food and beverage will be available for purchase once inside.

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While there is no dedicated “Fan Zone” as NBC had described it to us for the 2020 event, our space to watch the match is directly in front of the Premier League Mornings broadcast desk, but is UNRESERVED. All Club QR code holders have priority, guaranteed entry, and should proceed DIRECTLY to screen #2 upon entry to the event. Everyone who comes in using general admission QR codes will likely end up outside of our match viewing area as space is limited.

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If you are bringing any minors to the event, you must first have registered them by clicking the appropriate box on your RSVP form. If you did that then you should have received an email from Premier League Mornings telling you to register your guests. By “guests” they mean the minors you are accompanying.

If a minor has their own email address, you can use the link in that email to register them. If they do not have their own mobile device you will need to log out of your own account on the PL Mornings Live App and log in using their email address to get their QR code on your device.

If the minor does not have their own email address they will have to be registered manually by event staff once you enter the event.

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